Air Force Intranet Control Weapon System


The Air Force Intranet Control (AFINC) weapon system is the top level boundary and entry point into the Air Force Information Network (AFIN), and controls the flow of all external and inter-base traffic through standard, centrally managed gateways. 

The AFINC weapon system consists of 16 Gateway Suites and two Integrated Management Suites, and is operated by the 26 Network Operations Squadron (26 NOS) located at Gunter Annex, Montgomery, AL. 


The AFINC weapon system replaces and consolidates regionally managed disparate Air Force networks into a centrally managed point of access for traffic through the Air Force network. The AFINC weapon system delivers network centric services, enables core services and provides greater agility to take defensive actions across the network. AFINC was officially designated by Air Force Chief of Staff in March 2013.


The AFINC weapon system integrates network operations and network defense via four sub-discipline areas:

Defense-in-Depth: delivers an enterprise-wide layered approach by integrating the gateway and boundary devices to provide increased network resiliency and mission assurance.

Proactive Defense: conducts continuous monitoring of AF network traffic for response time, throughput, and performance to ensure timely delivery of critical information.

Network Standardization:
creates and maintains standards and policies to protect networks, systems and databases, and reduce maintenance complexity, down-time, costs and training requirements.

Situational Awareness: delivers network data flow, traffic patterns, utilization rates, and in-depth research of historical traffic for anomaly resolution.
General Characteristics

Primary Function: Operates the global-level entry points for the AFIN and the primary interface between each base and the Internet.

Crew Positions: One Crew Commander, one Deputy Crew Commander, one Cyberspace Operations Crew Chief, two Operations Controllers, two Cyberspace Operators and three Event Controllers. All mission crews are supported by mission support personnel.

Inventory: One

Major Command:
Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC)

Numbered Air Force:
24 AF

(Current as of Dec 2016)