AFSPC Public Affairs

150 Vandenberg St., Ste 1105
Peterson AFB, CO 80914-4500
DSN:  692-3731
Commercial:  719-554-3731

Peterson AFB Operator: 719-556-7321

AFSPC Senior Leader Speeches

Commander Speeches

Multi-Domain Command and Control Conference
General John "Jay" Raymond
AFA MDC2 Conference, Colorado Springs - 24 Aug 2017

Space and Missile Defense Symposium
General John "Jay" Raymond
Space and Missile Defense Symposium, Huntsville, Alabama - 8 Aug 2017

National Space Symposium 2017 Keynote Address
General John "Jay" Raymond
33rd Annual National Space Symposium, Colorado Springs - 4 Apr 2017

AFA Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies Breakfast
General John "Jay" Raymond
Mitchell Institute, Washington D.C. - 9 Dec 2016