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Stop what you're doing and look around. Ask yourself, "did I just use space?" The American way of life depends on s… https://t.co/qVWo5ERUFJ
Q: How is military space-power employed? A: https://t.co/W0RlnUIi1u Q: Who are the military space forces? A:… https://t.co/iTxx5foiCC
Space power is a distinct form of military power and warrants its own articulation. If you want to understand why s… https://t.co/tRHXGZ7qi0
The U.S. Space Force is organizing, training, and equipping agile, lean and mission-focused space forces.… https://t.co/KFfqFYFofk
We are building a force that will make America proud. What are we doing? Minimizing bureaucracy and costs while pla… https://t.co/IfO5FfS9V9
RT @SpaceForceCSO: Proud to share our 1st #USSF Doctrine…Spacepower! This capstone pub informs @SpaceForceDoD ethos and values & provides a…
When building a house, you must have a solid foundation. Our "space" house is built on our doctrine. Today, we are… https://t.co/PjmutvgAYs
Congratulations on a successful Hack-A-Sat! https://t.co/lhPcFzW4gu
Happy Anniversary @DeptofDefense! May your day be out of this world. #SemperSupra https://t.co/YU30HXgoUr
Do you want to leave an impact on this world? There are many people who need space integrated into national, joint… https://t.co/IN6fjguToC