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  • Milestone reached for Milstar Flight 2

    As the Air Force works to acquire the next generation of space assets for the warfighter to continue fighting the Global War on Terrorism, space-based resources already in place continue providing a valuable service as they have for more than 10 years. One of these resources is Milstar.In mid-November, Milstar Flight 2 reached its 10-year, on-orbit
  • Don’t be a statistic; know your limits

    More than 1,750 people who shared Thanksgiving with their loved ones will not live to celebrate the New Year, and alcohol will be the culprit. On an average day, 46 people die in alcohol-related traffic crashes, accounting for nearly 40 percent of traffic deaths. Last year 17,000 people died as a result of alcohol-related crashes. December is the
  • 50th MSG deputy shares tale of tragedy, recovery

    Editor’s Note: This is a part one of a two-part story. Part two will be posted to the News Service Dec. 21. The cyclist awakes from a dream. He last remembers seeing the faces of his children. He feels no pain, but he cannot breathe. He yells at nearby paramedics, “I can’t breathe!” Lying motionless, his thoughts go in and out. He lays trapped, his
  • Commentary: Peace attend thee, all through the night

    I was alone again during the holiday season. This time it was fall of 2001, and I was deployed to the Middle East. We were pretty busy over there, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to wallow in self-pity. However, I had left my wife and two little kids at a base we’d just moved to in the middle of nowhere. My heart ached for my wife when I got a
  • Keep identity thieves from being grinches

    Few events in life cause as much grief and frustration as the theft of an individual’s identity. Once personal information has been stolen or compromised, some spend months working to restore their credit rating and minimize their losses. Like any other criminal activity, the ways a person can take advantage of your personal information are limited
  • Schriever family members ‘deploy’ to fitness center

    About 60 Airmen and family members came to Schriever’s Main Fitness Center Dec. 7 for a three-hour “deployment.” Children moved through a processing line and received necklaces, certificates and hand-pressed buttons. Some went into the racquetball court to practice their marksmanship on skee-ball and basketball games, while others engaged in
  • Vandenberg activates Area Control Center

    The 30th Space Wing activated the first major center in the new Western Range Operations Control Center Dec 15. The WROCC will be used for command and control of all Vandenberg launches and to oversee the Western Range, an area that encompasses the West Coast of the Continental United States and extends more than 4,200 miles across the Pacific
  • 17th TS contributes to AFSCN versatility

    The 17th Test Squadron here conducted a 30-day force development evaluation of the 13-meter Antedo antenna at a Defence Communications Services Agency site in the United Kingdom from Aug. 24 to Sept. 22. The six-person test team observed more than 1,000 satellite supports with a 100-percent success rate during the evaluation of the A-side of DCSA’s
  • Congress rewards young adults’ initiative, achievement

    The whole-person concept is reaching younger audiences these days thanks to the Congressional Award program. The program targets young people 14-23 years of age and rewards their efforts in four areas: volunteer/public service, personal development, physical fitness and exploration. “This noncompetitive program teaches young adults how to set
  • Public Health offers guidance on food service

    Temporary food service activities for fundraisers and other on-base events can present unusual problems for maintaining safe food products. The 21st Medical Group has some quick tips on how to prevent food borne illness. These tips are required to serve food on base but are also a good idea for any temporary food service activity. First, anyone

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