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  • Torrance celebrates Armed Forces Day

    The 47th Annual Torrance (Calif.) Armed Forces Day celebration kicked off May 19, with military exhibits at a local mall and two concert performances by the Army Band. Nearly 200 military and civilian personnel from Los Angeles and Edwards Air Force bases participated in the festivities this past weekend. A parade held May 20, was the high point of
  • General Webber discusses NSPS at Patrick, Cape

    Brig. Gen. Richard Webber, Director of Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, visited Patrick Air Force Base May 23 to conduct his ‘Spread the Word’ briefing regarding the new National Security Personnel System. General Webber’s briefing provided 45th Space Wing leaders with the most current information on NSPS and
  • Community honor’s local men and women of the armed forces

    The community of Colorado Springs honored its local military members and their families with an Armed Forces luncheon at the Broadmoor International Center here May 18. Will Temby, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer, said, “The Armed Forces luncheon is our humble way to recognize the people who sacrifice so much to ensure
  • 'Vipers' patrol desert to keep Airmen, aircraft safe

    At the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, a select group of security forces members called Vipers aggressively patrol the area of desert surrounding the base day and night to protect it from intruders and ensure aircraft are able to take off and land safely. The 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron Viper Flight consists of volunteers who are
  • Launch of weather-tracking satellite successful

    The 45th Space Wing supported the successful launch of the NASA GOES-N, a weather satellite launched on a Delta IV booster from Space Launch Complex 37B here May 24 at 6:11 p.m. EST. Wing personnel provided Eastern Range and launch base support to Boeing Launch Services, who served as the commercial satellite and booster vehicle provider to NASA
  • AFSO21 will help shape future of 50th SW

    Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century will be crucial to achieving the 50th Space Wing’s new vision, said Col. John Hyten, 50th SW commander. “If someone asks you how we can do things smarter, tell them—AFSO21 gives us free reign to cut through red tape,” Col. John Hyten said at a wing vision discussion May 15. “With AFSO21, we can say,
  • Base programs catch drug use, offer help

    When security forces searched the staff sergeant, they found a three-inch glass pipe and a glass cylinder containing white, clear rocks like glass shards in her left utility uniform pants pocket. Not even a year earlier, the staff sergeant was in good health and had solid performance reports and a promising career ahead of her. She was happy to
  • NASA officials visit Schriever, discuss manned spaceflight progress

    NASA’s manager of Space Shuttle operations visited the base May 22 to discuss what the space agency has learned in the wake of the Columbia accident and how it has returned the shuttles to flight. The shuttle program asked people in mission control how the crew could detect and repair damage to the shuttle’s ceramic tiles after damage to the Space
  • AFSPC changes public Web as AF seeks standardization

    Headquarters Air Force Space Command launched its new public Web site today, following an Air Force plan to consolidate all Web content and standardize the appearance of its public sites worldwide. The Air Force Public Web is a joint venture between Secretary of the Air Force for Public Affairs, and Air Force Chief of Information. The initiative
  • Delta II launch successful

    Vandenberg AFB personnel launched a Delta II rocket April 28 at 3:02 a.m. The rocket took off from Space Launch Complex-2 carrying NASA’s CloudSat and Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations, or CALIPSO, satellites. The rocket carries the CloudSat and CALIPSO satellites into a 438-mile, circular sun-synchronous orbit.

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