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  • Air Force Awards $2B contract for TSAT Mission Operations System

    The Air Force announced the award of the Transformational Satellite Communications System Mission Operations System contract to Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Solutions of San Jose, Calif., recently. The $2 billion award will cover a period of 10 years and will include development and fielding of the initial TMOS capability. The TMOS will
  • RAWS fully functional at Minot

    Minot recently completed maintenance on five Remote Automated Weather Stations located at different missile alert facilities throughout North Dakota. The maintenance, which began in fall 2005, was completed Feb. 17 and made the RAWS fully operational after a four-year hiatus. The RAWS have several sensors that collect weather information such as
  • Base Honor Guard goes Hollywood

    Seven of the base’s elite took part in the recent filming of a primetime network drama at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Air Force Base Honor Guard supported a request from NBC’s “The West Wing” for an Air Force presence in an episode featuring the funeral of the series’ White House chief of staff. “What a wonderful
  • Colorado College students study Schriever’s falcons

    Although wildlife on and around the “little base on the prairie” seems scarce, if people were to roam the base’s acreage, they would see a landscape teeming with animal life. Black-tailed prairie dogs peek out of their burrows; desert cottontails race across parking lots; and raptors nest in trees. While a visit to Schriever Feb. 8 from a Colorado
  • 1st SOPS Airmen help students reach for the stars

    Cardboard rockets took to the sky on plumes of white smoke, some flying more than 200 feet into the air, as approximately 125 students from Woodmen Hills Elementary School watched. The launches Feb. 21 capped a four-week course in rocket building at Woodmen Hills, which volunteers from the 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base,

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