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Pearl White cubesats successfully launched

MAHIA, New Zealand --

Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket lifted off today at approximately 6 a.m. MDT. Onboard the rocket was Pearl White, an Air Force Space Command demonstration program consisting of two 6U cubesat experimental spacecraft.

The program goal is to design, develop, launch and operate two 6U cubesat experimental spacecraft as an on-orbit testbed for emerging technologies in 2019. 

The demonstration will test new technologies including propulsion, power, communications, and drag capabilities for potential applications on future spacecraft. The spacecraft will be in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with a notional altitude of ~540 km and an inclination of ~45 degrees.

The two cubesats were built by Tiger Innovations Inc., which is located in Herndon, Va., and are designed for a one-year lifetime. Tiger Innovations Inc. will operate the spacecraft for the life of the program under the direction and oversight of AFSPC.

For further information contact Capt. Lauren Hill at lauren.hill.6@us.af.mil or (719) 554-3731.

More information: https://www.rocketlabusa.com/missions/completed-missions/to-be-announced/