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National Security Space Institute, a place for space education

Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. -- Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. --The National Security Space Institute here has gained a strong reputation within the Department of Defense and allied services as an agile, up-to-date and extremely relevant source for space education.

Within the Institute there are two entities: the Space Professional Development School and the Space Operations School. The Space Professional Development School courses have a certain technical specificity and are either system- or functionally centered. For example, the Navigation Operations Advanced Course concentrates on the Global Positioning System satellite.

The Space Operations School is unique to the force in that it evolves with the fight. The school develops and teaches space concept of operations and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for the Space Cadre who will fight and win our Nation's future wars.

"The operations school teaches three broad subjects", Lt. Col. Vince Cassara commandant of the NSSI said, "advanced systems training, a deployment course and a senior leader's course for colonels who are selected for Air Force space duties."

The success of the school can be measured by the depth and breadth of the student body. Students come from all the services and allied countries.

"We actually had a Marine officer spend his own money to come to the school on permissive duty," Colonel Cassara said. "That is an indication as to how well we are received throughout the DoD. We have something important that the warfighter wants and needs," he added.

The mission of the Space Operations School, is to research, assess, and promote promising future technologies and space employment concepts for potential in meeting operational warfighter requirements.

"We are constantly refining the [Space Operations] courses. That is what we do here to make sure we stay up-to-date and current...giving students a very realistic feel," Colonel Cassara said.

"We're working very hard to tailor these courses to meet the needs of [the space] community," U.S. Army Lt. Col. Richard Wolfe, mission support director at NSSI said, "and we are evolving very quickly."

The NSSI is, and will continue to be, the Space Professionals' Academic Center for Excellence and continue helping Air Force space professionals meet the Nation's space needs and national security objectives one course at a time.