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F.E. Warren’s Top 3 honors nation’s veterans

F. E. WARREN AFB, Wyo. -- They have served the country and fought for its freedom. They tell war stories about times and situations we could never comprehend. Their bravery and dedication to our country transcends the years. They are the nation’s heroes.

Honoring and supporting the nation’s veterans is the responsibility of every military member.

The F.E. Warren Top 3 regularly coordinates monthly base visits to the Cheyenne Veteran’s Association Hospital to do just that. Members of all ranks visit Cheyenne veterans to play board games, puzzles or simply listen.

“Our time is valuable to them,” said Senior Master Sgt. Michael Lemke, 90th Contracting Squadron first sergeant and interim point of contact for the event. “It is important for them to see that we still care about the things they [did] for us.”

The veterans in the extended care unit look forward to visiting monthly with military members.

“It’s interesting to see other military people,” said Marvin Woolington, a resident at the VA Hospital who tells many stories about occupying Japan in the 1940s.

About 10 to 20 Warren members volunteer monthly at the VA Hospital and many first-time volunteers provided their support for the most recent visit Jan. 12.

“I like speaking with veterans,” said Master Sgt. Brian Gable, 90th Operations Support Squadron, and first time-volunteer at the VA Hospital.” It gives us a little insight into what they have experienced.”

While the veterans benefit greatly from the visits, the military members who participate also gain from the experience.