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AFSPC Safety reports on first week of 101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As Memorial Day has come and gone, the Air Force kicked off its 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, and the Air Force Space Command safety office continues to emphasize the importance of taking care of each other as good wingmen during the summer months.

As of June 1, the Air Force had two fatalities, one of which belonged to the command. This falls within the first few days of the 101 Critical Days of Summer.

“The number-one killer throughout the Air Force during the summer months is vehicle mishaps, with the second being water sports,” said Col. Christopher Hale, Director of Safety for Headquarters AFSPC.

"My advice to swimmers is to never swim alone and use common sense risk management to balance your activities with your capabilities,” said Colonel Hale.

During the summer months, more people engaging in more activities that have a higher risk of mishaps can result in more injuries or fatalities, said the colonel.

“The best way to reduce your chance of injury is the plan your activities, know your limitations, and use personal protective equipment. If you’re participating with others, be a good wingman and make sure others do the same," he said.

For more information on safety, visit the Air Force Safety Center Web site at http://afsafety.af.mil, or the HQ AFSPC Web site at www.afspc.af.mil, and click on the 101 CDS Campaign icon.