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General Webber discusses NSPS at Patrick, Cape

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.— -- Brig. Gen. Richard Webber, Director of Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, visited Patrick Air Force Base May 23 to conduct his ‘Spread the Word’ briefing regarding the new National Security Personnel System.

General Webber’s briefing provided 45th Space Wing leaders with the most current information on NSPS and the guidance necessary to make the transition to the new system a success. It is one of the first steps in implementing NSPS throughout AFSPC and follows a successful conversion to NSPS at Spiral 1.1 installations such as Tinker AFB, Okla. According to the briefing, during the conversion, no employee lost money when moving into the new system. Due to the Within-Grade-Increase (WGI) buy-in, many employees actually gained a one-time pay increase.

“I was impressed with General Webber’s commitment to successfully implement NSPS,” said Bob Fore, 45th SW executive director. “I was also pleased about the accolades the 45th SW received for its commitment and effort in preparing to implement the program.”

The system is a new approach to hiring, retaining, and evaluating civilian employees. NSPS is designed to value talent, reward contribution, and promote excellence, according to the Manpower Personnel directorate. Employees are rewarded for their performance and for how they contribute to achieving their organization’s goals. Implementation has been set up using a spiral system in phases across the Air Force and Department of Defense.

The new system is intended to replace what some consider an outdated legacy system that is too rigid.

“NSPS is a major cultural change for all of us,” said General Webber. “Air Force Space Command is committed to ensure that change is recognized and supported at every level. Change can be stressful, but with NSPS it can also be rewarding.”

NSPS will not only benefit the employee under the pay for performance system, but will aid organizations by improving flexibility within positions, said General Webber.

“NSPS focuses on results, not processes,” General Webber said. “It allows us to place the right people in the right jobs at the right time to most effectively perform the work within Air Force Space Command.”

There are several key items to note regarding NSPS. The system will not change merit system principles that form the foundation for Federal civil service. NSPS does not affect laws that cover employee benefits, health and life insurance, retirement, leave or veterans preference.

General Webber recognized that this transition will be a challenge.

“NSPS will require total support, military and civilian, from top to bottom in order to transition from an entitlement culture to a performance culture,” he said. “This transition calls for more than just skills training, but a new approach in our call to service.”