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AFSPC changes public Web as AF seeks standardization

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Headquarters Air Force Space Command launched its new public Web site today, following an Air Force plan to consolidate all Web content and standardize the appearance of its public sites worldwide.

The Air Force Public Web is a joint venture between Secretary of the Air Force for Public Affairs, and Air Force Chief of Information. The initiative allows the Air Force to put the current 250 public Web pages under one umbrella ensuring security and review.

“The migration to the Air Force Public Web allows us to be able to streamline and synchronize the information we release to the public,” said Lt. Col. Marcella Adams, AFSPC Public Affairs director. “It also allows all the Web pages to be standardized across the board. The public audience will be able to tell right away if they are on an official Air Force Web page or not.”

Les Benito, chief of the Air Force Public Web Division at headquarters Air Force News Agency, said, “Many organizations continue to work independently, producing a sizeable network of sites that vary considerably in appearance and content. There is no consistency from one site to the next. And under current guidelines, some content may not be suitable for the public.”

Currently, 57 of 250 Air Force Web sites have undergone the conversion and are now up and running. AFSPC will be number 58. Schriever AFB, Colo., is poised to be the first in the command to change over. The goal is to have all “Air Force public sites on board by the summer of 2008,” said Mr. Benito.

“We want visitors to easily find Web content, no matter which Air Force site they visit,” he said. We want them to recognize an Air Force Web site when they see one, and we’re all focused on getting the job done right, so our Web sites portray the professional image everyone associates with the Air Force.”

Joe Bella, deputy chief of the Air Force Public Web said, “By doing these things, we’re doing what DOD has asked of us.”

Information courtesy of Air Force Print News.