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  • Valuing citizen Airmen in space today

    When asked to provide commentary on a subject of my choice, it took me about 10 seconds to pick a topic - the value of the Air Force Reserve in space today. The joining of 310th Space Wing "Citizen Airmen" alongside our regular Air Force mission partners across Air Force Space Command bases strengthens an important relationship needed for combatant
  • Teamprovementude: How we can improve our units in spite of fiscal challenges

    We've all heard the age-old anecdotes that "money doesn't buy happiness" and "no matter what, they can't take away our pride." I submit during these days of diminishing budgets and resources, the tried sayings ring true. In fact, during these trying times, we actually can improve our units in spite of the fiscal challenges. According to Chief of
  • Does it really matter if I wear my uniform properly, with pride?

    I have been asked countless times throughout my career and may have even asked the question myself as a young Airman sitting inside a storage area at McConnell Air Force Base. Why does it really matter if Airmen wear their uniform properly and why do the senior NCOs talk about Air Force Instruction 35-10 all the time? First, if you do not know what
  • Make it happen

    In case you haven't noticed, money is tight these days. Not only that, but we're undermanned in many cases and fighting our way through furloughs and reductions in force. And, by the way, there's still the deployed mission to support. But, the sun keeps rising on the eastern plains and setting against the magnificent Rocky Mountains, and somewhere
  • Big, small actions contribute to mission

    How do your day-to-day actions contribute to the big picture? For some, this question may be easy to answer, but others may have to dig deeper. The day-to-day operation at 21st Space Operations Squadron Detachment 1 is one most people are not familiar with, nor have many people heard of the tiny island of Diego Garcia, where the detachment is
  • 5 monkeys

    A scientist was performing a behavioral experiment on monkeys to determine how they would react to negative stimuli. In a large cage, the scientist put a ladder leading up to a banana hanging from the top. He then placed five monkeys in the cage together. Immediately, and not surprisingly, one of the monkeys went straight for the banana. Before he
  • Mission success hinged on strong Airmen, families

    Choosing life as a civilian versus life as a uniformed military member can be a daunting task at the ripe young age of 18. What solidified my decision to join the Air Force? The level of support the Air Force provides for service members and their families.After my arrival to Vandenberg in July, it did not take long for me to notice a commonality
  • Combating stress

    Stress. The Oxford dictionary defines stress as "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." We've all experienced it; some more than others. With the continuing budget shortfalls, uncertainty of sequestration furloughs, a pending compliance inspection and the upcoming summer move cycle,
  • Learning while leading

    Anger, embarrassment, shame, disgust, disappointment...how do you feel when one of your Airmen makes a mistake? All of these are plausible self-expressions that many of us encounter while admitting to making a mistake. While we all are going to make a mistake either in our personal or professional life, the fix action in many cases is the crucial
  • Drinking and driving from an offender's perspective

    The social pressures of drinking are ever present, but should not infringe on the need for responsibility to yourself and the community at large. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is an extremely common case in today's society, and has caused many senseless injuries and deaths. The laws have become stricter but the problem still exists. The

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