AFAS loan gets Schriever Airman ‘back on the road’

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- I moved to the Colorado Springs area from Missouri in 1997 as a senior airman with my wife and four children. At the time, I owned two older vehicles: one was 11 years old, and the other was 15. 

When I arrived, the housing office told me it would be 12 to 24 months before a big enough house became available, so I purchased a mobile home and rented a lot in Ellicott. On senior airman pay, with a long commute to work and other bills, my finances were pretty tight.

In January 1998, both my vehicles broke down. The transmission went out on one vehicle, and the engine went out on the other. It would cost $1,700 to fix the transmission and $1,400 to fix the motor.

I did not have any extra money to cover these unexpected costs. My supervisor recommended I go to the Air Force Aid Society from the base family support center and get a loan to fix them both. I did, and AFAS gave me an interest-free loan for approximately $4,100. I paid this back over the years, but it was still a much better alternative then going out and attempting to buy a vehicle with little or no credit.

The AFAS, through the Air Force Assistance Fund, helped me in my time of need.