Commit to care -- Give to AFAF


Airmen can help one another through the Air Force Assistance Fund campaign, which began Feb. 13 and runs through March 24.
This year’s theme is “Commitment to Caring” and focuses on collecting contributions in support of four programs.

The Air Force Enlisted Villages in Fort Walton Beach and Shalimar, Fla., provide rent subsidy and other support to impoverished widows and widowers of retired enlisted people ages 55 and older. More information is available at www.afenlistedwidows.org.

The Air Force Village Indigent Widow’s Fund in San Antonio is a life-care community for retired officers, spouses, widows or widowers and family members. The Air Force Village Web site is www.airforcevillages.com.

The General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation provides rent and financial assistance to impoverished widows and widowers of officers and enlisted people in their own homes and communities. The LeMay Foundation Web site is www.lemayfoundation.org.

The Air Force Aid Society has been the official charity of the U.S. Air Force for 64 years. It promotes the Air Force mission by providing worldwide emergency assistance to Air Force members and their families, sponsoring educational assistance programs and offering a variety of base community enhancement programs that impact members’ and their families’ welfare. The AFAS Web site is www.afas.org.

The Air Force Aid Society helped more than 30,000 Air Force members and their families with more than $21.6 million in assistance in 2005, according to their Web site. The majority of this assistance was in interest-free loans and grants for short-term or one-time emergencies such as food, rent, utilities, car repair and emergency travel requirements, including those who needed help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Each base’s goal is based on “fair-share” calculations. The calculations, based on an individual’s rank, suggest a target contribution for those who would like to donate but are unsure how much is appropriate.

The sum of fair-share estimates for servicemembers assigned to Schriever, minus 50 percent, makes up the wing’s annual AFAF goal. This means if at least half of Schriever’s servicemembers donate a fair-share contribution, the base will meet its goal.

While each fund has its own Web site through which people may contribute, only contributions accepted through unit key workers count toward the base’s annual goal.

Military members may make one-time cash or check donations or use payroll deduction to contribute. Civilians may contribute through cash or check. Payroll deductions require a form available through unit key workers.

For more information, contact your unit key worker. The AFAF Web site is www.afassistancefund.org.