Chief's Corner: Got JET fuel?

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- My greatest mentor used to ask me every day if I put fuel in my JET. JET (judgment, experience and training) is the basis of all things past that help us formulate a decision for today's and tomorrow's issues. 

Each situation pours just a little more fuel into your JET and increases the knowledge you have to leverage. 

Think about it...when we were in basic training, our JET was a little propeller trainer with someone guiding our every move. We had very little fuel capacity as we were new to the organization. 

By the time we were a Senior Airman, we were flying fast and by the seat of our pants. We flew that F-16 like no other! However, our fuel capacity was still low and we had to connect to a KC-135/KC-10 that was full of fuel (our senior non-commissioned officers) to make the mission happen.

Once non-commissioned officers, we got out of the fighters and into the cargo JETs. NCOs are charged to go slow/steady and carry subordinates into the fight. The C-130 is perfect for a Staff Sgt., C-17 for a Tech Sgt., and C-5/KC-10 for our SNCOs. The more fuel in our JET, the bigger the transport, the more Airmen we can bring along to accomplish all tasks. 

What aircraft are you flying? Are you the pilot of your JET? Have you refueled your JET lately? Are you ready to transport our Airmen?  It's time to fill up!