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Capt. Jesse Diaz, assigned to @PeteAFB's 380th SPCS, deployed with the 31st MEU. Diaz spent 73 days aboard the USS… https://t.co/7faYfApcvf
Great photos, great launch and a great partnership. https://t.co/pB0Q2ugDQD
Reaching "T minus zero" and launching requires many wins. #OTD In 1992 an Atlas IIA launched from Cape Canaveral ca… https://t.co/BMAKAQmolg
Col. Robert Bongiovi: “The successful GPS III SV03 launch and recovery serves as another step in our journey with i… https://t.co/sUGVMtmdpY
RT @SpaceX: Deployment of GPS III Space Vehicle 03 confirmed https://t.co/zYOeJj0xFX
We are stronger and better prepared to counter threats when we work side by side. https://t.co/uxt4nxgFec
RT @SpaceForceCSO: A fitting tribute to a @SpaceForceDoD friend and teammate. Congrats @SpaceX @45thSpaceWing @AF_SMC @LockheedMartin on th…
RT @45thSpaceWing: Similarly to #GPSIII, Col. Thomas Falzarano, Commander of @PeteAFB, served as a guiding force for Airmen across the @us
RT @SpaceX: Watch Falcon 9 launch of GPS III Space Vehicle 03 → https://t.co/bJFjLCzWdK https://t.co/AkPClOKWG0

AFSPC Public Affairs

150 Vandenberg St., Ste 1105
Peterson AFB, CO 80914-4500
DSN:  692-3731
Commercial:  719-554-3731

Peterson AFB Operator: 719-556-7321